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The X Verro Olímpic breaks participation records on a crowded rural day in Sant Antoni

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The X Verro Olímpic breaks participation records on a crowded rural day in Sant Antoni The X Verro Olímpic breaks participation records on a crowded rural day in Sant Antoni

The headquarters of the Sant Antoni Agricultural Cooperative was the scene this Sunday of the celebration of the Sant Antoni Rural day. A popular day that brought traditional Ibizan crafts, music and dance closer to the public.

Tradition also left room for rock & roll of the band La Calle, the games of Jugueroix and for a great popular toast. However, the star activity of the day was, without a doubt, the celebration of the tenth edition of the Verro Olímpic. An edition that in this edition broke all participation records with 130 participants in the children's category and 26 couples in the hilarious edition for adults.

This now traditional competition, in which its participants compete in costume, consists of different tests to be completed in the shortest time possible.

hombre bebiendo de un porron de vino

In its adult edition, before starting the race, each couple must drink a portion of wine (with the option of changing it for a soft drink) and walk up to six laps around a stake. The next test sees participants overcome motion sickness and a series of straw obstacles, then crawl through the center of a series of tires. There is no shortage of strength tests moving bags of carob beans or a large tractor wheel before returning to the race to overcome a mountain of tires. A route that does not culminate the series of obstacles of the Verro Olímpic circuit, since its participants must also cross a moat full of water, overcome a couple of mountains of dirt and run a section that has become a muddy field.

Always competing against the clock, participants must also overcome challenges such as carrying their companion in a forklift and following their instructions to overcome a circuit with their eyes covered. In another of the team skill tests, a member of the team carries a basin full of water on his head, sitting on a stick with two wheels that his partner pulls along a course.

For those furthest behind, the hoops test, which consists of throwing them at a stake located a few meters away, rewards each success with one minute less in the final time calculation. However, one of the tests that would make the crowd of attendees laugh the most this Sunday was the kamasutra pagès, in which each couple must inflate and burst a balloon with the most vigorous sexual positions possible.


Source: Periódico de Ibiza

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